Pompeii Tour
Pompeii Tour

Do you want to discover the Pompeii excavations? Don't you worry, we can bring you wherever you are to get to this old town made of rocks, architecture and intelligence. You will be amazed by what Romans used to be able to do for a city.

It is a wide area, the ruins of a big town that stopped in a still image because of the eructation of Vesuvius in 79 a.C. You will spend a whole day in this place, be sure you have with you sunscreen and comfortable trainers.

Pompeii tour guide

Now that you know how to get to Pompeii, don't know what to visit for first? We can understand you, for this reason we left you a list of the most fascinating places of Pompeii. First of all, we can divide them into categories, as houses, theatres and temples. Are you ready to dive into history? 3...2...1...GRATISSIMUM! (welcome in latin).

The best villas and houses:

  • Villa dei Misteri (Mistery villa)
  • Casa di Ottavio Quartione (Ottavio Quartione house)
  • Casa del Fauno (Fauno's house)
  • Casa dei Vettii (Vettii house)
  • Casa del poeta tragico (Tragic poet house)
  • Casa dei Ceii (Ceii house)
  • Casa del chirurgo (Surgeon house)
  • Casa di Marco Lucrezio Frontone (Marco Lucrezio Frontone house)
  • Casa degli amorini dorati ( golden cupids house)
  • Casa della Venere in conchiglia (Venus in shell house)
  • Casa del Criptoportico (Cryptoporticus house)
  • Villa di Diomede (Diomede Villa)
  • Casa del Centenario (centenary man house)
  • Casa di Sallustio (Sallustio house)

The most interesting theatres of Pompeii:

  • Anfiteatro romani (Roman amphitheater)
  • Teatro Piccolo (Small theatre)
  • Teatro Grande (Big Theatre)
  • Quadriportico dei teatri (Four arcades theatre)

Pompeii most visited temples:

  • Tempio di Giove (Jupiter Temple)
  • Tempio di Iside (Isis Temple)
  • Tempio di Apollo (Apollo Temple)
  • Tempio della Fortuna (Temple of Luck)

More places to visit:

  • Lupanare (a brothel)
  • Terme del Foro (Forum baths)
  • Porta Marina (Marine Port)
  • Parco archeologico (Archaeological park)
  • Terme Stabiane (Stabia spa)
  • Terme Suburbane (underground spa)
  • Macellum (Market)
  • Scavi archeologici di Oplonti (Oplonti archeological excavations)

3 things you didn't know about Pompeii

  1. What they used to call Vesuvius wasn't the one that we know nowadays. It was a volcano to the left of the today Vesuvius, that we now call "monte Somma". At that time the today Vesuvius was a simple mountain.
  • The Pompeii amphitheater is the most ancient of the world.
  • The Pompeii discovery isn't finished yet.


This is a city next to Pompeii you can visit for the interesting excavation area. The name, according to the legend, comes from Hercules, who founded it. As Pompeii, it is World Heritage Site and has been destroyed by the volcano eructation in 79 a.C.. The excavations have been discovered recently, during the construction of a building foundations.

In 1631 Herculaneum suffered another devastation due to the Vesuvius. You should visit also the length called Miglio d'oro (Golden Mile) because of the wonderful villas of the XVIII century.

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The Campania tour we suggest to you

  • Caserta Palace is very very interesting, it's the largest palace in the world. It is constituted, among other things, by the apartments, the theatre and the Staircase of honor. The ticket costs 13€ and you will need a whole day to be sure you'll visit it all.
  • Ischia, Procida and the lovely Capri are part of the Campania archipelago. They are very wanted isles because they're attended by VIPs, mostly in the Summer. We suggest you to spend a day there.
  • Sorrento borders to the Amalfi Coast and it's as lovely as the divine Coast. It is an elite place, with very tasty lemon based dishes, wonderful places to visit and an amazing sea.
  • You should visit Salerno, a pretty city famous for the Christmas illuminations. Visit the St.Matthew Cathedral, the Arechi Castle, the center and the port.
  • Paestum, another historical site, there are the ancient temples. Ticket costs 12€ too.
  • Check here to get more information about Naples.
  • And here about the Amalfi Coast.

Thank you so much for having visited us and spend a good time!

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